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Health and Safety Policy

Every organisation should have a clear policy for the management of health and safety so that everybody associated with the organisation is aware of its health and safety aims and objectives.

Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 require employers, with five or more employees, to prepare, review and revise on a regular basis a written health and safety policy.

The policy should consist of three key sections:

  • Statement of Intent (What the company intends to achieve with regards to health and safety – its objectives, targets and goals).
  • Organisational Responsibilities (Who is responsible for what, from Managing Director and the Board, down through layers of management right down to employees).
  • Arrangements for Implementation (How the company is going to achieve its aims – the detailed procedures that will be followed to ensure the workforce remain safe and healthy.

How Alban Safety can help you

Whatever your current position, Alban Safety can help. If you have no current policy at all, we can work with you to develop a brand new policy.

Maybe you already have a policy, but feel it is a little outdated and not quite to your needs. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we can review and update your existing policy – trimming any sections not relevant and adding any new sections.

Contact us for an informal discussion on how we can help, or to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our expert team.